Playlist Submission is one month old!

We are happy with the first statistics.

51 artists have sent us their music. Around 85- 90 percent have been approved.

We are 43 users on the site. Of which are visible 29

I take this opportunity to remember that being a user of the community (visible) it has advantages over the unregistered or invisible.

As soon as the lists begin to fill we will take into account for the

acceptance and permanence of a song in our playlists the activity of the

user on our website.

If you are a visible user and participate in the points program your songs

will have preference.

I also encourage you to vote for the songs you like on Discover.

This section needs more interaction, we want it to be the public, both

artists as listeners, who decides wich songs are placed on Selected


Also remember to add the playlists to your favorites.

At the moment we are placing songs without it being mandatory, but more

ahead it will be.

Finally, thank you for your interest and have joined this project that we have started from 0.

Little by little we hope from this site to build a musical community in which

good music gets its due recognition.


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