New playlists have been updated

Hi friends! End of the year its coming.

Its a perfect moment to think on goals and objectives.

We have one. And its grow enough to get more listenings to our members.

Maybe someone expected more plays now.

Well..., we are not submithub, or soundplate, or others well known.

These webs started some years ago their projects, and they did good.

So now they have a reputation on internet. And lots of followers, listeners.

Playlist Submission its 2 months old.

Just born. We have a long way to walk to create a big fanbase.

One of the things that we need, to get that, its good music. Really good music.

All the tracks that have been accepted till now are good music.

But, there are some that stand out. It can be becouse composition, or production, originality...

We think that to attract listeners we should focus in 2 playlists.

These playlists will have a selection of the best music that you have sent to us.

And to promote, we will focus in these 2, better than move 10 playlists.

One of them, EDM Selected tracks, with the best EDM tracks. 120bpm and more

And the other, Electronic Selected tracks, for all the other subgenres. 120 bpm and less

We have updated today, so you can search if you have been included.

If you have been included, really congrats!! Keep doing music so good. (And send us)

For those who not. I said, all the music we have accepted till now its good! But this is a cruel world of competition.

There are millions of playlists so we have to ensure the best quality content.

In any case all of you will stay in our collaborative playlists for long and can send us new music, of course.

Nothing more. Only wish to everyone Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!


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