Discover section it´s full

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Hi friends! We have a few things to share with you.

Discover section its near to full.

Altough we wanted to promote 9 tracks in this section, we are going to reduce to 6 tracks on each subgenre, so page have better perfomance.

So only 6 tracks, that represent the best recent songs that have been accepted. Still very few votes, so for the moment we will decide wich of them are placed on Selected Playlist. (Remember that one goal is our music community decides too voting).

About time permanence of the track in Discover section it will depend on other song submissions. If your song dissapeared you can send a new track to be considered.

Time permanence on playlist will be for long (unless you have better new works, then send us that and we will change). 3 tracks max in all playlists.

In the other hand we are going, very soon, to begin to place some songs in EDM Selected Playlist, and start to promote specially this playlist.

We will make a post when be done.

And for ending, we changed the sistem to send us a song.

There is an aplicattion on homepage that ask for permission to follow us before send the song. Its needed to do once and then its unblocked for all next future sendings.

So thats all! we keep doing steps. Stay tuned and keep doing music!


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