Frequently asked questions


What is this site?

We focus on EDM Spotify promotion. We accept free spotify song submissions for our playlists. Also gives small curators opportunity to get displayed on the web. Concept of the web its different from another promotion sites. This is more a community. There is no paying promotions. The goal is users involve enough to rate music in Discover section. Best rated tracks will be specially promoted, not dependind on the taste of a single curator or money, but in other musicians and listeners approval. There is too a section, Share, where unsigned artists can post their songs and get opportunities to get signed.

Why " Collaborative" ?

We dont want to be another "pay to place my song" on a Spotify playlist. We are a community where users share ideas, comment, vote and help anothers creating music. When a track is accepted its placed in a Collaborative Playlist. Most of the listenings will come from another users of the site, at least at beggining.


Some of the latest songs that have been added to a playlist. In this section, users vote songs. The best rated tracks will be placed on Selected playlist. Nine tracks on each genre.

Selected Playlist

Our proudly best tracks. Not becouse we say. Becouse community voted for them. We will promote this playlist to be our top when site its enough big.