Here are shown some playlists from independent curators that accept free EDM submissions.

To apply as curator to this section fill the form at the end of this page. You need to have at least 50 followers , accept submissions and songs must be not from famous artists. Music style must be electronic.

EDM Independent Curators Playlists

Radiator of Sound Records

Spanish curator and label based on the sound Deep / Techno / House. 


Accept EDM playlist submissions:

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Accept Techno and House demos


Spanish dj-producer. Curator and label. Accept Minimal/Deep Techno, Techno-House, House, Deep-House and Techno submissions:

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Accept same style demos

              Hilla Peer

Singer, composer and producer.


Curator - Accept ambient-pop song submissions.


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      Redwave Recordings

Curator and label 

Releasing melodic techno, trance, melodic house ,

vocal edm .We are focus in vocals

Accept playlist submissions

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Accept same style demos

       Sahara Recordings


Sublabel of Redwave Music Group.

Releasing Trance and uplifting Trance


Accept same style demos



Accept based Edm pop tracks submissions with vocal and full lyric. 


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      Vengeance Records



Accept demos. Trance and Sub Genres Predominates as: Uplifting Trance / Progressive Trance / Vocals Trance / Emotional Trance ...


To submit music to these playlists you have to register and send a private message to the curator, in members section, with your artist name, e-mail, and spotify song link or soundcloud song link you want to submit. They will contact you by mail if it´s accepted.

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