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Techno, trance, house, ambient, Electronic


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 with our electronic music playlists

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Our best selection. In these  two playlists  are promoted the best rated tracks on Discover section. it is the users of the site  who decide with their votes which should be selected..

You will find different subgenres here, all great EDM songs from talented musicians that you can't miss. Take a listen and add to your favourites. Thanks!

Trance, dance, house, techno, ambient, electronic and more

We are a music community focused on EDM Spotify promotion.

​We accept  free song submissions
for our playlists.

​IF you are not on spotify, still can share your  music on soundcloud or youtube  with us..

Post your tracks in  share section and get opportunities to get signed.

Send us your song

 To submit your song to our playlists you have to unlock button. 

Press submit song. Click follow on Spotify to add our profile and only two playlists to your favourites, and its done!  You will be redirected to our free submission page.

If you want to send us more than one song, you will have to click again on the blue button submit song, to be redirected again to the form page.

We accept maximum three  submissions.

You can also send us a link of your artist profile on Spotify if you prefer we choose the tracks.

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